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  1. Small Play House BETTER BUILT   This business is located in Wichita, Kansas. They have some very nice looking buildings that can be used as storage sheds, home office or studio space, or micro-cabins for living. The picture on the right is of their 8ft x 10ft play house which can probably be used as a home office.

    ►As with all Better Built Portable Buildings, the exterior is virtually maintenance free, saving you time and money. Your Better Built building will be custom built to your specifications, allowing you to specify such things as overall building size, door and window sizes and locations, and shingle colors that blend with existing structures. Built upon sturdy 4x6 pressure treated skids with 2x6 treated floor joists and heavy duty 3/4in plywood flooring, the Portable Garden Shed is protected with 25 year solid tab shingles, and is built to provide many years of trouble free service while safely protecting your valued contents. With a variety of available sizes, the Portable Casita makes a great backwoods or lakeside cabin. You may also be interested in our Lofted Porch, which offers similar features with a slightly different porch arrangement. Both buildings offer an abundance of overhead storage, and covered entry ways.◄
  2. Micro Studio MFINITY   Well designed very small buildings (8ft x 12ft) which can be used as a home office/studio or efficiency housing.

    ►Allow us to introduce ourselves: We are MFINITY; and we are dedicated to creating high-quality modern products that reflect your modern lifestyle. We invite you to browse through our collection of architectural products and furnishings designed with the highest standards in mind. Enjoy!"

    The microSYSTEM® line of architectural products provides a low-cost, intelligent solution to a range of differing needs. Consisting of modular 8ft by 12ft living units, customizable interior options, and a choice of porch styles, the microSYSTEM® can create a 100 SF storage/garden shed, small office/studio, guest house/cabana, or complete residence. With the addition of connecting porch modules, different units can be linked together to provide a sheltered boardwalk corridor from one building to the next.◄
  3. MetroShed Home Office METROSHED   These people make a variety of small buildings for use as sheds, small cabins, home offices and home studios. Very nicely done.

    ►MetroShed - The Original Modern Prefab Shed. MetroShed is proud to be 'eco-friendly' and a leader of building "green" prefabricated structures. MetroSheds are delivered flat packed, with full assembly instructions and all necessary fasteners. No building experience is necessary and the build process takes just a few hours. There are only 31 major pieces to the MetroShed. You will need a screw gun, ladder and gloves - all screws and connecting pieces are provided. A concrete foundation is not necessarily needed. In fact most of our customers place the MetroShed on a level area of gravel (great for water run off), or on concrete deck blocks.◄
  4. Henley Stanza Milton HENLEY OFFICES   Another home office company based in the United Kingdom. The picture on the right is of their model "Stanza Milton".

    ►What is a Personal Office?

    A "personal office" is a small, self contained office building that is located within a domestic garden. It provides a suitable working environment away from the distractions of the home. It must also conform to the following 10 points:

    1. A Professional Space: manufactured as an additional office / room (not just a "garden building").
    2. Immediate (installed by professionals within 1-3 days).
    3. Modular (from pre-manufactured panels - ie to travel through a house).
    4. Complete (electrics, double glazing and full insulation must come as standard).
    5. Robust (with minimal maintenance and a life expectancy of 20+ years).
    6. Affordable (prices start around 5-6000 GBP +VAT).
    7. Comfortable (all year round - cool in summer and warm in winter).
    8. Secure (with BS quality fittings to be readily insurable).
    9. Re-sellable (and to have a significant residual value - and to add value to the house).
    10. Attractive (both interior and exterior suitable for the home).
    11. All Henleys conform to all 10 principles of a personal office.◄

  5. CedarShed Haida CEDARSHED   Purveyors of fine backyard home office kits. And other nice products including sheds and small cedar cabins. Picture on the right is of their "Haida" model.

    ►Cedarshed is located in Langley, BC, Canada, and has dealers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. We also distribute locally in the greater Vancouver area in: Surrey, Langley, White Rock, Coquitlam, Richmond, North & West Vancouver, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and other BC cities throughout the Province.
    Over the years, we have watched Cedarshed grow, develop and mature to the point where now we are shipping thousands of gazebos and garden sheds every year to customers around the world. At Cedarshed, we take great pride and responsibility in knowing that just about every gazebo and garden shed purchased will have a personal story behind it. Throughout our website and catalog you will read some of these stories and testimonials. Whether the story is about making a dream come true, improving one's lifestyle, or just personal achievement, one thing is clear – our customers love telling us their Cedarshed story and we love hearing them. We hope, as you browse through our website, you will understand more thoroughly what we're all about. Perhaps one day we will even be hearing a Cedarshed story from you!◄
  6. The Stable Company THE STABLE COMPANY   Nice website here with 3 categories of shelter types: Equestrian buildings, Garden Rooms, Garages and Outbuildings. For our purposes here please click on their "Garden Rooms" link. This business is based in the United Kingdom. They seem to have five basic models available now: The Duo, The Eco, The Vista, Classrooms, & The Mono. The picture on the right is of their "Mono Garden Room".

    ►For extra space, all year round, for work, rest or play - choose a garden room! Office, gym, annexe or retreat - what will you use yours for? Our attractive, high quality timber garden rooms come in three styles: The Mono, The Duo and The Eco, and can be tailored to suit your requirements – choose from a wide range of sizes and finishes inside and out to get the look just right. kitchen & Dining Each Garden Room is fully finished to an excellent standard, ready for you to start using straight away. The Stable Company believe that you should not have to go to the trouble of moving property or having disruptive and messy building work done on your premises. Our Garden Rooms will give you that extra space you need to make life more enjoyable and convenient. Light and versatile, they can be used all year round thanks to their excellent insulation, and can comply with all current building regulations. Garden Rooms are just perfect for so many activities – here are some examples of how our customers have used theirs already: Garden office – no more stressful commute to work, now a leisurely stroll down the garden, Therapy suite – small practitioners often can't afford huge rental costs, Photography or art studio – lots of glass creates the best light, Workshop – peaceful place to concentrate, Outdoor classroom – create additional space, Retreat – for parents or children! Have some "me" time. Hobby and craft room, Music room – whether listening or playing, Reading room – enjoy your daily newspaper or a good book in your library, Annexe or spare bedroom – put your guests up in their own room, relaxing for everyone! And last, a Play Room.◄
  7. Timberlast TIMBERLAST   This business is located in Rochester, NH. Ask them about their 10ft x 12ft Shed Kit Promotion. They do not say on their website if they build the shed using the timber frame method.

    ►Our mission is to utilize the centuries old technique of timber framing to create truly sustainable structures that will provide strong, aesthetically pleasing shelter for generations to come. Our goal is to build "small" in terms of both size and impact. We use locally grown, sustainably harvested timbers and other green products that help conserve our natural resources. We employ traditional handcrafted joinery to create a warm, comfortable environment. We specialize in hand-sculpted arbors, pergolas and garden structures. We offer kits in standard sizes as well as custom designs to meet your specific needs. All our structures include: Custom Cellular PVC Post Bases. A Timberlast Exclusive! No digging holes, quick setup on any level surface and no post rot. No Chemical Wood Treatments or Insecticides. Safe for your family and pets. Sustainable, Fast Growing Eastern White Pine. No use of endangered wood species or deforestation harvesting. Natural Finish. Choose to let it weather naturally or stain it to match your home.◄
  8. Yardpod Unit YARDPODS   This is a very unique system for building a backyard home office. I hope they sell a lot of these units. Basically it consists of a manufactured steel frame which a person can finish themselves or you can buy one that the factory finishes for you.

    ►YardPods are pre-fabricated, steel frame backyard rooms individually configured using a large catalog of modular, eco-friendly parts and materials. Pre-assembled in precision engineered panels at our factory and fully assembled on your site --permit free in most areas. Burger King Gift Card For play, for work, for escape —your personal space can be only days away! YardPods are built with cold-formed galvanized light gauge steel framing (not wood), which has a high recycled content (25%+) and is 100% recyclable, Steel is stronger and lighter than wood, will not rot, will not shrink, will not warp, will not support mold or infestation, is fire-resistant and has a life in the hundreds of years. YardPods are designed in 3D using an advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) system where every steel member is accurately sized and from which shop drawings and Numeric Code output are produced. The Numeric Code is transferred to the factory where computer-controlled roll-forming machines accurately manufacture all framing members to close tolerances. The state-of-the-art factory runs 100% on solar power and prefabricates wall, floor and roof panels with virtually no waste and is located in Sonoma Mountain Village (sonomamountainvillage.com) a deeply-sustainable community in Rohnert Park Sonoma that is designated a "One Planet Community". The factory is operated by manufacturing experts who focus on Quality, Continuous Improvement and Safety in everything that they do.◄
  9. Green Tree Shelters GREEN TREE SHELTERS   Need a neat looking home office installed quickly by yourself? Try one of these Green Tree Shelters prefab units to get the job done.

    ►Our designers at Green Tree shelters, creators of LivingSpace have years of experience designing and producing modular structures for commercial food service, medical, construction and festival applications. We designed LivingSpace with a minimum number of easy to assemble pieces that require no special tools or special knowledge to assemble. We want you to start enjoying your LivingSpace the day you assemble it - not three weekends later!! We promise you that when you start assembly of LivingSpace on Saturday morning - you will be relaxing in your LivingSpace Saturday evening!◄

  10. Small Shed Version DWELLE   This business is located in Manchester England i believe. This is a relatively new project they have started i guess. They have currently two beautiful models available so far - a large and a small livable shed. Their main website is located here: FKDA In addition to their livable shed section, 360container logo they have designed some very beautiful other small dwellings worth your time to look at. This business produces small buildings which are designed for both small livable dwellings as well as backyard home office buildings.

    ►Welcome to the new "Shed" website! We've spent some time ensuring that not only are our sheds as space efficient as possible and have extremely high environmental criteria, but they are also designed to the highest standards. Our buildings are useful as a micro home, garden office studio, holiday cabin or play room. We have designed a series of micro-buildings that we originally called "sheds". These are sheds for living. However, as the design developed, the name no longer seemed appropriate. The word "dwell" fits better with the size, type and quality of buildings we've created. Our range of buildings are appealing to a very wide range of people.

    The key criteria we incorporate into all of our designs are...
    1. high quality design
    2. environmentally sustainable
    3. a healthy internal environment
    4. affordable
    5. extremely versatile and adaptable
    6. supporting communities◄
  11. Round Lake Hut ROUND LAKE HUT   This is another creation of Steven Holl, an architect. This is a drawing studio and is small in size. He has other smaller structures designed by him such as the Turbulence House. He is an architect with very unique ideas; so if you looking for an architect with unique ideas - he is your man. To view more information on his website; click on houses and then click on Round Lake Hut.

    ►Creative and imaginative work begins in the solitude of the connection of the mind/eye/hand. This solitary room with a table and a chair is a functional drawing studio. The wood framed, 80 square foot space, sits on four legs at the edge of Round Lake. The north and south elevations are glass in cedar frames. The sides are black tar paper with wooden battens. There is a one-by- four foot window at the floor facing east toward the sunrise. There is no plumbing, no electricity, and no insulation.◄
  12. Ecospace Cube ECOSPACE   Another business based in London, England. Beautiful prefab modular home office studios made here. Very nice website. They have some really nice stuff.

    ►The Ecospace™ concept was developed nearly 10 years ago in response to the environmental, economic and space issues we face today. Our approach was to create a high quality sustainable building at a fixed cost and short delivery period by combining design and off-site construction in–house. Our philosophy was to provide a flexible modular building that could be simply tailored, reconfigured or extended and applied to a diverse range of uses and building types. We tested the first prototype in 2002, and since then many Ecospace projects have been completed. We focus on creating architectural solutions that not only respond sensitively to the site and the environment, but also to our client's requirements. But what about the future? Well, we're constantly thinking up new and innovative ideas and we won't stop until we've developed the next generation of Ecospace structures. Because as architects, we're perfectionists too. Naturally. Our projects range from individual eco houses to multiple sustainable housing projects and ecospace is an inspiration from this — a contemporary studio that provides a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to a house extension — making it the ideal solution to the space and environmental issues we face today. Ecospace™ is managed by architects who also run IPT Architects – a London based chartered architectural practice. We are a young, cosmopolitan team who work from our central London mews location. Our open plan studio provides the infrastructure for creative and energetic thinking. All work, from the inception to completion of each Ecospace project, is supervised by a qualified architect. Our carpentry workshop is based in leafy, rural Kent and, being in-house, we maintain absolute control over the entire process to ensure our exacting standards are always met. As professionals, we wouldn't have it any other way. Also, our design studio and workshop operate in synergy to provide a seamless design and production process.◄
  13. Eco Den front ALTERNATIVE SPACE   This business is located in the UK. They seem to specialize in quality nice looking Garden Rooms.

    ►Alternative Space is an established family business specializing exclusively in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality, eco friendly garden rooms. Whether you need a home office, studio, gym, or simply a place to relax, our garden rooms provide a comfortable, versatile and practical space for year round use; a low cost way to increase the size and flexibility of your home without the disruption and expense of a loft conversion, or extension. By design an Alternative Space is classified as an "out-building". Under normal circumstances planning permission is not required. However, all similarities to the conventional wooden box adorned with green felt end there. Our product is the result of detailed research into the most efficient timber building techniques. It is a robust, durable structure created for those who need a secure, warm, dry space and specifically those who need a space which can be used in comfort, all year round. Wherever possible we select our materials from eco-friendly sources, concentrating on renewable materials. We only use timber and timber-based products from responsibly managed forests, sourced from suppliers who can demonstrate FSC, PEFC or CSA certification or accreditation. We also recommend having a living roof on our garden rooms. Made from sedum, a hardy and drought resistant flowering plant, a living roof provides the perfect insulation for both summer and winter. It attracts wildlife, replaces vegetation otherwise removed from the site, and reduces rainwater run-off. Not only are they great for environmental and practical reasons, they look good too!◄
  14. Studio Retreat STUDIO RETREAT   Here's a nice fairly new business located in the UK. Nice website.

    ►Studio Retreat is a private, family run business who supply garden office kits throughout the UK and Ireland. We combine sleek design with the natural beauty of wood and glass to create high quality, environmentally friendly garden buildings.

    Every one needs space . . . Think versatile.

    Our studios can be adapted to create space for many purposes:

    • Home office - to work in peace and quiet.
    • Stylish garden room - to entertain friends and family.
    • Art studio - to create your master piece.
    • Music studio - to perform.
    • Meditation room - to ease the mind.
    • Writing room - to express the words.
    • Gym - to keep fit.
    • Play room - to have fun.
    • Or simply just a place to retreat and relax away from the house.

    Our studio's have been designed to create a comfortable, modern space to use and enjoy all year round.◄
  15. Modern Cabana MODERN CABANA   They have a fine selection of pre-made or pre-fab small buildings which are excellent for home office use. Can be used as a guest house or artist studio also. Very beautiful product.

    ►Founded in 2004 in San Francisco California, Modern Cabana is a private, family-owned business that provides it's clients with small pre-fabricated buildings of the highest quality, value and design integrity...
    SPACE (spAs) n.: Sufficient freedom from external pressure to develop or explore ones needs, interests, and individuality...
    Everyone needs their space: to work, to think, to read, to play, to entertain, to sleep, to relax, to live; each space being as unique as its occupant. Modern Cabana designed The Cabana around the premise that adding space should be simple and affordable yet look great.◄
  16. Floating Studio THE H2OFFICE FLOATING OFFICE   This is a brilliant concept in my opinion. This business is located in Cardiff, United Kingdom. There is a good possibility that this floating office system would work well in the harbor located in my town of Crescent City, California. Maybe a person could buy one of these units for his own personal office use and have it parked at a berth somewhere.

    ►We have developed a design for a "floating office" - we call it the H2Office. The H2Office from WaterSpace is an award-winning purpose-built floating unit. It opens up a host of new possibilities for
    Cool Amazon Search
    marine-related businesses and people who just like the idea of "working on water". Working from a floating office has got to be one of the best ideas you've had. Imagine the impact your new premises will have on customers' perception of your business! You are obviously a free-thinking individual who isn't shackled by convention. We designed H2Office so we could escape being cooped up in a conventional office. We like being outdoors around water and boats. When the weather is dull it's still great. There's a huge picture window at the front which means even when you're inside you still don't feel enclosed. When the weather is fine it's fantastic! The upper deck is perfect for al fresco meetings, dining or just thinking. There is a special atmosphere around water which is very hard to explain but if you "get it" you already understand the attraction. We are looking to develop "mini floating business parks" in suitable areas of marinas (or other water areas). The floating unit's main function is as a "work space" but we have also incorporated some features to allow recreational activities and the option to use it as an overnight lodging.◄
  17. 20X20 Backyard Office CABANA VILLAGE   This business located on the East Coast of the United States, prefabricates their own buildings and ships them most places in the lower 48 states. They have organized their website into categories which include separate ones called "Backyard Offices, Home studio and Garden Studios". Together both these categories contain Picture on the right is of their "20X20 BackYard Office".

    ►Do you need more space for your hobby, passion or business? Rather than renting a space, here's an idea. Why not put up an accessory structure in your backyard? Our garden studios and home studios are perfect as artist studios, hobby rooms, personal gyms, carpentry home studios, or just about any other use you can think of. With their sturdy construction and use of quality materials, extensive pre-fabrication for ease of assembly, and attractive design, their possible uses are only limited by your imagination. Or has your home based business outgrown the spare bedroom in your home? Why rent high cost office space and distress your lovemoney.com financial conscience when you can add an accessory structure to your backyard? Most building departments will allow accessory structures under 110 SF without a permit (be sure to check with your local permitting authority before beginning any building project). In the event that a permit is required, Cabana Village can provide you with suitable drawings for the permit application. A small fee is charged for this, however the cost can be applied toward the purchase of the kit before you order. About shipping: To-your-door shipping to most locations within the contiguous 48 United States is included in your structure's price. However, there are circumstances under which extra charges may apply. Please let your customer service rep know about any special circumstances that might exist with your delivery so that we can review all the details concerning your delivery and avoid any unanticipated charges.◄
  18. Bungalow in a box BUNGALOW IN A BOX   These are very nice looking pre-fab units built in Maine. Probably deliver throughout the contiguous United States and Canada, but call first to make sure (207) 443-5691. Pictured their "Mountain-Top Retreat" model.

    ►We build an efficient, weathertight shell with minimal impact on your building site. Our pre-cut components quickly assemble cottages, camps, garages, home offices and studios. Our unique framing technique joins low-maintenance, natural materials to create beautiful structures that last. A BungalowInABox goes up on your foundation with a finished exterior appearance in a matter of days. A Bungalow raising is a quick, weathertight jump-start to a precious living space on a remote mountain top or right in your own back yard! Before delivery on site, bungalow components are precisely crafted in the Bungalow Barn. Assembly techniques on-site are quick, efficient and fun. Owners enjoy a celebratory Bungalow raising in one or two days instead of one or two weeks of conventional construction. Panel-Framing is truly flexible and adaptable to just about any size structure. We have applied Panel-Framing to structures as small as a 5ftx12ft tree house and as large as the 42ftX48ft Bungalow Barn where all our Bungalows are now born. A traditional Bungalow client wants to "build" their own bungalow without the heavy lifting. We create the structural shell, weathertight, and our clients finish to particular tastes. Panel-Framing builds on the craftsmanship and strength of Timber-Framing. It also takes advantage of the efficiency of modern SIP construction methods and the common-sense of stud framing. Heavy timbers span cathedral ceilings, but no bulky posts intrude on the living space. Prefabricated panels assemble quickly, but are weathertight from day one. And, perhaps best of all, Panel-Frame structures go up with little impact on the site.◄
  19. Home Office MODULAR DWELLINGS   This simple yet beautiful very small home office is available for purchase by the general public. These creations are classified as mobile, modern and affordable buildings. They are a combination of industrial manufacturing techniques and modernist design.

    ►With its clean lines and glowing surface, the Modular Home Office embodies California's new Prefab architectural movement. These custom built back yard office buildings blend minimalist styling, industrial materials and a modernists attention to detail to create a usable environment that is unique. Designed to be easy to transport, quick to assemble and aesthetically pleasing, the Modular Home Office mixes the design philosophies of Charles Eames and Richard Neutra to create a living environment that is the ideal blend of form and function.◄

  20. Music Room GARDEN2OFFICE   These people build beautiful home office structures in addition to small cabins, fancy sheds and studios. They are based in the UK. "The picture on the right is called their "Music Room". "The Internet allows our clients to manage their international musical careers from their garden, or rather this triple glazed home office, clad in cedar and thermowood. Broadband cabling can be installed at the same time as we lay the power cables to your new room."

    ►Welcome to Garden2office Ltd. We supply and install eco-friendly, modular buildings designed and built in Sweden. Our buildings can be used as garden offices, dens, studios, music rooms and much more. In fact, if you need extra space, but don't want the expense and disruption of an extension or loft conversion, our Tomoku Hus buildings could be the solution. Working from home . . . It's about time. Our demo unit in Surrey is now open for business so that you can walk around a home office set-up and see exactly how you could benefit from one of our insulated buildings.◄
  21. 8X10 Clipped Gable Shed HISTORIC SHED   Beautiful home office buildings made here. Custom hand crafted garden sheds, cottages, garages and more for Florida homes. Picture on the right is of their "8X10 Clipped Gable Shed".

    ►There are many benefits to working from a home office including reduced operating costs, eliminating commuting time and expenses, flexible scheduling and overall convenience. However, setting up a home office on the dining room table or in a spare bedroom can create clutter and be filled with household distractions. The Historic Shed Home Office allows you you eliminate the difficulties and distractions of working from home while enjoying all the benefits in a private setting. Our standard design is a 10ftx14ft Home Office with a pair of wood French doors and a single window on one end. This design can be adapted to suit your individual working needs as well as to complement the architecture of your property. Call us to discuss your shedworking needs.◄
  22. Sett Studio Home Office SETT STUDIO   This business is located in Austin, Texas. They prefab these backyard home offices and deliver them to your property for a fee. $19,500 | 8ft x 12ft - 97 square feet is the lowest price and smallest unit sold. This is a nice "flash" website and they have good pictures of their product Amazon Audiobooks 30-Day Free Trial which consists of about 2 to 4 models of their prefab buildings.

    ►Sett Studio is a forward-thinking approach to functional space. By combining modern and contemporary design with the latest in energy-efficient building materials, we provide usable space for people who are interested in an attractive, eco-friendly alternative. With our modular construction, we build your studio in our warehouse and deliver it to your property. Instead of months of on-site construction, Sett installs in just days. Sett can be utilized in an variety of ways - as a home office, art studio, yoga space, kids room, game room, guest room - the space fits your needs. Layouts range from 97-192 square feet, eliminating the requirement for building permits in most cases. To effectively create engaging, responsible space, we focus on three fundamental elements - design, materials and purpose of space.◄
  23. Custom 8x10 Home Office BACKYARD WORKS   Nice looking buildings from British Columbia, Canada. They offer delivery of their products. They use a lot of cedar siding. Should also mention that "Backyard Sheds" has been changed to "Backyard Works" as they have expanded their product line to include the big three items: Home office studio buildings, wood storage sheds, & small livable cabins. They have a new website up and running right now featuring their product line.

    ►Order your fully finished and insulated home office or studio for your backyard. These self contained outbuildings include an electrical package and come with fully insulated walls, ceiling and floor. If you do not see the style or size your are looking for we will work with you to design the custom building you are looking for. In the event the building you want requires a building permit, we can also provide complete permit procurement services especially in Canada, not sure about the US. BackYard Office & Studios are constructed with the same high quality features that are shown on our features page. Check out the list of additional features included in order to provide you with a comfortable environment that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer which includes an insulated Floor System.◄
  24. Homeplace 10X20 Studio Garden Building WALMART HOMEPLACE STUDIO GARDEN BUILDING   Lately Walmart has been listing on their website a lot of nice buildings which can be used as backyard home office buildings. Picture on the right is of their: "Homeplace 10ft x 20ft Studio Garden Building with Floor and Wood Ramp. But, they have a lot more of these type of studio buildings in different sizes. Prices range between $6000 to $7000.

    ►Features: Material: Wood, steel. Provides attractive storage for your backyard, enhances your outdoor living experience whether it's children's play needs or use as a home office. Elegant structure combines style with function. Built with strong 7ft walls with insect and rot resistant Smart Side panel siding. Solid steel double house doors (6ft x 6ft opening) with lock set and key included. 2X4 Roof rafters (16in on center) with 1/2in OSB sheeting. Steep A-frame style roof for maximum storage capacity and boxed in 12in finished gable overhangs. Flexible window and door placement allow for multiple designs. 4 Aluminum slider windows with screens, shutters and flower boxes; also 2 large wrought iron hanging flower pot hooks included. Comes unfinished ready to paint and shingle. Plywood floor and treated wood ramp included Dimensions: 128in H x 240in W x 120in D.◄
  25. Santa Rosa Shed SANTA ROSA GARDEN SHED   For those of you who would prefer a prefabricated backyard home office delivered to your property, this might be something for you to consider. Actually, i think you will have to do some assembly to make it usable. It appears to be ready to assemble with the completed panels they ship to you.

    ►The 8ft x 12ft Santa Rosa is an ideal garden office or a retreat for grown ups. The three functional windows with screens and a 31in wide functional Dutch door make it versatile and functional for all your home office needs. The Western Red Cedar construction with mahogany veneer on the interior panels and decorative cedar shingle gables are panelized for quick assembly. A 4ft cedar deck on the porch completes the look. All required hardware (nails and screws) and a detailed assembly manual are included. This attractive cedar building will add character to any setting!

    • Specifications:
    • 3 functional windows with screens
    • 31in wide functional Dutch door
    • Decorative cedar shingle gables
    • Western Red Cedar construction
    • 4ft cedar deck on porch
    • Mahogany veneer on interior panels
    • Cedar roof with shingles already attached
    • Panelized for quick assembly
    • Hardware included (screws and nails)

    Curbside Delivery Information: Delivery agents will unload your items from the truck, but will not move the items inside your home or business. You will need to have the ability to move your items at the time of delivery. Drivers do not assist with unpacking, set-up or clean up. The delivery company will call and schedule the time for the delivery, usually M-F 8AM-5PM, and span a 4-hour period. A signature is required for delivery, but before accepting and/or signing for your delivery, please inspect your order thoroughly. Please include a daytime phone number in the shipping information at the time of check out.◄
  26. Shedworking Book Cover SHEDWORKING   This is a Blog managed & owned by Alex Johnson probably the most famous Shed Worker on the planet. He now has a book available on Amazon featuring his most favorite subject matter — working in a backyard home office or converted shed. Click on the picture at the right to purchase from Amazon.

    ►Shedworking is a daily updated guide for people who work in garden offices and other shed like atmospheres. It is edited and published by Alex Johnson who is part of The Independent newspaper's online team, the webmaster for Designer Breakfasts, and the founding editor/publisher of two internationally popular blogs, Shedworking and Bookshelf. Hi book Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution is published by Frances Lincoln. Alex also writes regularly for Enterprise Nation, the UK's leading website for homeworkers, and is a judge for the Remote Working Awards. Alex is an experienced journalist who has been editing, writing and designing for national magazines, newspapers and charities - including NACC, Age Concern and the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation - for the last 19 years in the UK and Spain.◄
  27. The Office Pod in someone backyard. OFFICEPOD®   This is truly a very well designed office module which can be installed in a large warehouse or in your backyard. They have both a Consumer and Corporate or Business model. Very nice website with plenty of good pictures of their product. This business is based in the United Kingdom.

    ►A place dedicated to work . . . The garden based POD is of the highest quality design and provides a work environment that is separate from the disruptions of home life. A life changing event . . . Being an OfficePOD user will bring a positive change to life. A chance to cut down on commuting, to be more productive, to spend more time at home but at the same time keep your work separate. A major way to getting a better balance into your life. The ability to work from home is a trend that is here to stay. Technology allows it, legislation permits it and employers often now encourage it. An OfficePOD provides a working environment that is separate to home life. The hassle free OfficePOD service deals with everything from site survey and installation through to customer services and POD relocation in the case of moving house or employer.◄
  28. Model K4 KITHAUS   This here is an award winning type outfit. Very beautiful units and very practical also.

    ►KitHAUS revolutionizes the conventional rules of prefab in a way that's as innovative as it is flexible. Our modernist modules are built solid with a patented lightweight M.H.S. construction, that gives you several advantages over conventional building practices. Our modules are constructed on site in a matter of days not months, and because of its lightweight properties can get into the hardest of reach places, without heavy equipment. We at KitHAUS have pre-engineered several configurations from modest stand alone single units, perfect for that weekend retreat, or backyard office and studio to more aggressive multi unit configurations. We have also partnered with state of the art solar technologies giving you the option of off-grid or grid tie possibilities, customized to our KitHAUS configurations. Just think of the possibilities now.◄
  29. Nice unusual shape mini-office building GARDEN STUDIO   This British business builds these fully equipped units ready-to-use (turn key finish) installed on your property for use as a home office or home recording studio among the many uses for these very beautiful small buildings.

    Shop Printer Ink ►If you have flexible working hours . . . Or want a separate, professional space to run your business from . . . The Garden Studio provides the perfect home office. And its vaulted ceiling also means it's the ideal shape for a recording studio. Finished to the same standard as your home, the Garden Studio has lots of architectural appeal . . . So it's also a great asset to your landscaping as well as making working from home so enjoyable. The inspiration for the Garden Studio came from the distinctive board-and-batten buildings of North America and, like them, the Garden Studio is painted to look at ease in its surroundings. It's asphalt roof tiles – harmonious, practical and durable – come from Canada, where they are used widely on all kinds of buildings. We offer them in four colors so you can choose the one that fits best with the paint color you select. Our roof feature is a copper cupola that give the Studio lots of attitude when it's new, then mellows into the soft verdigris of aged copper. Structurally sound, carefully built and expertly finished. The building is constructed to the high standards you would expect: Fully insulated, Damp proofed and double glazed, Incorporates the latest technology to make the interior comfortable, practical and safe.◄
  30. California Custom Sheds CALIFORNIA CUSTOM SHEDS   This business builds small structures that would make great home office or studio or retreat rooms. This is not your grandmother's shed builder. They have a lot of nice pictures on this website. They can build one of their models on your lot in one day. They also sell shed kits. All sheds they sell are made of wood.

    ►Thank you for your interest in our quality built Wood Storage Sheds. California Custom Sheds® has been a leader in the storage industry since 1985. Prior to the creation of California Custom Sheds, more than 25 years ago, we built custom homes in Southern California. We have applied this knowledge and experience to our storage buildings and garages. We have also accumulated an abundance of knowledge developing our buildings to perfection over the last 20 years. Some, by listening to suggestions and ideas from the thousands of customers whom we have had the privilege to serve. There are many shortcuts a company can take when building a wood storage shed and garden storage sheds. Inferior building materials, or lack of materials, are just a couple of examples. Many of these shortcuts are never noticed nor can be seen by the untrained eye. California Custom Sheds does not take shortcuts and uses only the best quality materials available to construct the best buildings available at a reasonable price.◄
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