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  1. Studio Shed STUDIO SHED   Very beautiful and well designed small building. It can be converted into any useful space desired such as a backyard home office or studio. Also, very nice website.

    ►Studio Shed is an innovative take on a traditional backyard fixture. More than just a shed - it's an extension of your home with a variety of uses: An office, an art studio, a kid's playroom, or simply a place to store a mountain bike. Studio Shed was founded in Boulder, Colorado by two individuals who loved their small houses but needed a little room to grow. Children's Books We valued our outdoor living space and didn't want to build an expansive addition. Rather than a traditional remodel, our goal was to build something that embraced the emerging modern lifestyle of smaller but smarter spaces. Searching for a solution, we found both uninspiring "barn-style" sheds and price-prohibitive upscale dwellings, neither of which was quite what we were looking for. We decided to create our own, and Studio Shed was born. Ever since we designed and built our original Studio Sheds, environmental responsibility has been at the front of our minds. Green building is more than a slogan - it's an integral part of our design and company philosophy. Part of the impetus to create Studio Shed was to craft something that embodied living smarter rather than living bigger. With that in mind, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our footprint and improve the makeup of our product. Currently our prefabricated panels use a variety of green building materials. Every Studio Shed is constructed from FSC-certified dimensional lumber. Both our aluminum-frame windows and our HardieBacker siding are recyclable materials. We use Low-VOC paint on all surfaces and have engineered the structure to create an absolute minimum of waste.◄
  2. Garden Office JORGE FONTAN   Attention Reader: Architect Jorge Fontan is offering free design services to one of our readers for a custom design backyard office for his use as a case study. This is for anyone who will begin building a backyard office before January 1st 2015. Contact him through his website www.jorgefontan.com to discuss your project.
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    Jorge will be selecting only one applicant to provide free design services, this offer does not include the cost of construction.

    I really like this design pictured on the right a lot. In fact, i think if i were to build or buy a prefab home office this is the way i would go. This design not only looks good, but is very utilitarian. I especially like the fact that a person can take a lunch break up on the roof and enjoy a view, how cool is that? Also, need to mention that there are other views of this structure on the website this listing links to. Jorge has a nice website. I always try to link to the source website when i include a listing on my websites as a general principle. This is a good site for you to visit plus he has other projects featured here that are of high quality: Check out his "Man Cave".

    ►This backyard office has two sliding glass doors at the front and two sets of sliding glass windows on the sides that open allowing the office to be part of the garden. One can work inside while feeling like one is outside. There is a rear door and exterior stairs to a roof deck for relaxation or work. The design intends to limit the distinction between the interior office and the exterior garden. It is a free standing structure wood framed with wood siding and polished cement board or stucco.◄
  3. A Garden Room TIMELESS GARDEN ROOMS   These people specialize in Garden Rooms & Summer Houses - which are really just small rooms with added insulation and double glazed windows. By the looks of their website they build really high quality structures. They are based in the United Kingdom.

    ►Whether you are looking for an office at home, a pool house or a quite area in which to enjoy your garden, the purchase of your garden room should be a considered selection. At Timeless Garden Rooms we have 15 years experience in manufacturing and installing garden rooms for all purposes, maintaining housing quality construction and high quality designs to deliver an individual garden room that compliments your garden and is a functional additional space that is easy to maintain, useable all year round and we guarantee you will continue to enjoy year on year. As traditional manufacturers all of our garden rooms are designed individually to each customer's requirements, constructed by hand in our own workshops in Kent and installed all over the UK by the same team.◄
  4. The Hoby Ebro Model VAN ISLE EZLOG HOMES   This listing is for a Ezlog dealer on Vancouver Island BC Canada. They also do small backyard type buildings which can be used for your own home office. Picture on the right is of their 10ft X 10ft "Hoby Ebro" model.

    ►Van Isle Ecolog Homes is a dealer for EZLog prefab log building kits, and we are happy to complement our product offerings with these unique outdoor building kits. EZLog structures are one of the best ready to assemble do-it-yourself log building kits available.
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    The unique structures use kiln dried engineered spruce logs that assemble like model building kits. Each log is pre-cut for easy stacking with interlocking corners, resulting in easy assembly and a sturdy and air-tight structure. Every log building kit includes all that is required for a lock up structure, from pressure treated foundation beams, floor, walls, windows, doors to the roof, including all hardware. Depending on the size of the structure, the walls are built out of 28mm (1-1/8in), 40mm (1-5/8in), 58mm (2-1/4in) or 70mm (2-3/4in) thick tongue & grooved boards. Roof and floor boards typically use 18 or 28mm T&G boards. EZLog offers a huge variety of buildings and wood structures - ranging from garden houses to play houses, garages to small cabins, to large log cottages, which are also suitable for permanent residences. The prefabricated cabin and cottage kits offer exceptional value. The ease of assembly minimizes the high labor costs of conventional construction, and the finished homes offer an "all wood exterior" and the warmth of an "all wood interior".◄
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